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March 21st Self Pub/Indie Press Open House
Tuesday, 6:30 pm, Light Refreshments  and Door Prizes

On March 21st we welcome 7 wonderful authors across a broad range of genres.

Andrea Mells brings us My Liberty, A Fight for Freedom The story of Mrs Liberty struggling to free herself from an abusive marriage and claim her independence.

Buck Buchanan brings us First and Thirty  It's a book about Football, but also a book about high school in 1970 involving old rivals and racial unrest and a teams response of working together.

Kelly Fletcher has written Unexpected a romantic suspense novel. Recently jilted Josephine Davis wasn't looking for love, a chance encounter with Atlanta's own millionaire bachelor changes all of that...see how the story continues.

Rodney Hunt brings Out of Control. We've all experienced the brokenness of our world, Rodney shares stories of brokenness to help us gain insight in what God is doing about the brokenness in our world and His plans for redeeming a world out of control.

Debbie McKiver introduces us to Surviving a Toxic Career where she shares how to create a more fulfilling career and to live your best life NOW through simple simplistic, yet necessary changes.

Kathy Florence has written Jaybird's Song. Follow the Flint family through childhood in 1960's Atlanta, in the midst of desegregation and the Civil Rights Movement.  Then 35 years later as a long kept family secret unfolds.

Kathy Penn brings us The Ink Penn , a book of peaceful moments filled with gentle humor and insight covering a variety of topics.  Kathy hope her book will help you catch a glimpse of the magic in the magic of everyday living.

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